How much money can I deposit to my Uquid physical prepaid card before I have to upgrade the card?

A:  You can deposit up to $1,000/€1,000/£1,000.  After that you have to upgrade your card if you want deposit more money.

Can I link my Uquid Prepaid Card with my PayPal account?

A:  You can indicate the Uquid Prepaid Card as a new payment card in your PayPal account.

When will I receive my Uquid Virtual Prepaid Card?

A:  You can create a virtual card instantly for $1/€1/£1.  This is a great way for safely shopping online, instead of using your bank card.

How can I activate my Uquid Virtual Reloadable Card?

A:  After you purchse a virtual card it is activated immediately.  You can view the card details by clicking on "View card Info".  You will get the full information of your card (Number, Expiry Date, CVV).  This information is also emailed to the email address you have provided.

How can I activate and get my ATM PIN for my Uquid Plastic Card?

A:  After purchasing a plastic card, you can simply log in to your account again to activate the card and get the PIN by clicking on "View card Info" then "Reveal More".

active uquid plastic card

When will I receive my Uquid Physical Prepaid Card?

A:  It can take 1-2 weeks to process your card order, depending on the bank workload.  Please note that the shipping time can vary.  Courier delivery generally takes up to 5 business days.

How much money can I withdraw at an ATM before I have to verify my identity?

A:  You can withdraw up to $1000/€1000/£800.  After that you will have to upgrade your card.

How many cards can I create?

A:  With one email address you can only get one card (physical or virtual).  Any other cards will require a separate email address.

I have uploaded the required documents, how long does it take to verify my account?

A:  After you have uploaded the documents, your account will be verified as soon as possible.  Usually we complete this procedure within several business days.  Please do not contact support to expedite your verification.

How do I know I am really on the Uquid website?

A:  Always make sure that the website name on the browser navigation bar begins with: https://www.uquid.com/ (the exact spelling is critical).  We do not use any other domain names.  Viruses can infect your computer just by connecting to a web page with a vulnerable web browser.  Click on the padlock icon to see if the SSL certificate is valid and matches the website.

I was declined when trying to make a payment with my Uquid card

A:  If you have a problem with payments when using a Uquid card (maybe from a problem with the website you want to make the purchase), we strongly recommend you add your card to your PayPal and make the payment through them. 

What is a security code?

A:  This code is created for secure logins and to regenerate forgotten passwords.  It can contain numbers or letters which you most easily remember.  It is created when you register a new account.

What is a PIN code?

A:  This is a number automatically generated by Uquid when you register a new account.  It is used for transfering balances or activating cards.

How can I avoid fees when using my Uquid card?

A:  You should purchase cards with same currency as websites you will be using, so you can pay 0% fees instead of 3% exchange fees.

What should I do if Uquid says "Invalid Country" when I order a virtual debit card?

A:  You can simply change the country name to one from this list.

How can I find my card proxy or access token?

A:  You can go to "My Uquid Card" and click on "View card Info".  After you enter your secure PIN you will see your proxy number (for example : 299999999399999).

Can I upgrade my virtual debit card to unlimited usage?

A:  Yes, you can upgrade your card to unlimited level.

Why can't I use my ATM PIN for viewing my card details on "View card Info"?

A:  The ATM PIN you got via calling +441133200312 is only for use at ATMs and not on Uquid.  You can use your Uquid generated secure PIN for checking your card status or to transfer money.

How many times can I deposit to my "Level 1" debit card?

A:  You have 2 maximum deposits per 24 hours. This limit will automatic end 24 hours after the last time you deposited successfully.

Why did I make a deposit with bitcoin and it is still showing "pending"?

A:  If you make a payment different to the amount requested, your transaction will be held from 48-72 hours to be manually accepted by our staff.

How can I enable 2 factor authenticator (2FA secure)?

A:  You can log in to your account settings and select "Enable 2 Factor Authenticator"  

Do I have to pay a maintenance fee from my Uquid wallet?

A:  No, you only have to pay a fee from your card balance.  If you do not have balance in your card then you do not have to pay these fees.

How can I buy 1000 plastic card for my staff to use?

A:  You will need information for each card user.  With the delivery option you can use your company office address.  Then, the cards will be delivered to your office and you can activate and get ATM PINs for your staff by clicking on "View card Info".  Please contact us for more details.