UQUID Co-brand Debit Card

UQUID Co-Brand card

The UQUID Co-Brand program is designed to be flexible to provide entry level card services to get your payment service going, provide a payment solution for your staff, employees, agents, customers and is designed to enable you to launch a debit card program under your brand name if required, plus ability to add your client brand if they require. There is no revenue share or monthly fees.
The UQUID Co-Brand program allow client utilize the UQUID Application Program Interface (API) to automate certain functions of the Program, including Card creation and loading of funds to the Cards directly with Bitcoin, Altcoin and all other method UQUID supporting.

virtual credit card uquid


- Visa® Pre-Paid Debit Card
- Reloadable program for general purpose spending
- 3 year validity
- Consumer card | funds owned by account holder
- Currencies available either in USD | GBP | GBP (Choose 1 | additional @ cost)
- Transaction types: ATM/POS/CNP
- Web Access to Account profile | maintenance
- Chip and PIN security
- IVR Activation
- P2P payment capability within Client program community
- No credit check on applicants
- No declines on applications
- No hidden fees – fully descriptive fees
- Account identifier and IBAN number provided for pay in instructions to companies or service suppliers
- Balance transfer service (when you leave program – move your funds)
- Renewal fee yearly
- No account holder credit or debit card load (you can work with your own acquirer/processor and load account this way if required)
- API connectivity option (Bitcoin, Altcoin, Paysafecard, Cashu, Btc-e and more)



Simply contact our business team via contact form or send email to : hello@uquid.com
Our business team also online 24h for supporting via Skype: uquid.support